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Genotyping Testing Options

Genotyping Testing Options

There are 2 simple ways to submit a sample for genotyping:


  • Comb or brush the tail area at the upper part of the switch to remove any foreign material. Dirty, contaminated samples will not be processed
  • If necessary, wash and rinse area with water and allow time to dry before taking samples
  • Use withers, topline, or ears as alternatives
  • Collect 35 to 50 hair roots/follicles to ensure better test results
  • Click here to read more about how to properly pull hair for genotyping.

Tissue Sampling Unit

  • To collect a tissue sample, you will require an Allflex tissue applicator and a tissue sample unit called a punch.
  • Using the applicator and punch, you will collect a 3mm tissue sample directly from the ear.
  • Each punch contains stabilization and transportation medium, and is unusable in all DNA laboratory settings.
  • Can be used to collect tissue samples for all animals regardless of age.
  • Click here to learn more about how to properly use tissue sampling units for genotyping.
  • If you would like to order tissue sampling units, order through our online store.

Alternative Options


  • Blood is generally used for Freemartin testing
  • It is not recommended that blood be drawn from an animal that is under 6 weeks of age
  • Use a tube with a purple or green stopper
  • Bleed until tube is about 3/4 full
  • Keep sample from heating or freezing
  • Not available for purchase


  • This testing option is generally provided by AI units
  • Clearly mark the tube with name and registration number of sampled bull
  • Not available for purchase

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Why Use Various Genotyping Options?

  • To increase reliability and accuracy of genetic evaluations
  • To select the 'right' heifers at an earlier age
  • To enable faster genetic progress in your herd
  • To optimize mating of heifers
  • To help make more informed marketing and management decisions
  • To recover return on investment for the cost of rearing heifers

Genotyping Services & Prices

Medium Density (MD): $135
Standard SNP panel for genomic testing around the world. Analyzes over 50,000 SNPs to enable genomic enhanced evaluation with higher reliability than a traditional Parent Average.

Low Density (LD): $33
Lower cost testing option, as compared to the MD panel. Analyzes SNPs for a fraction of the cost of a MD test with the same increase in reliability. As with the MD, parentage verification nationally and genomic enhanced breeding values are the outcome.

Low Density Plus (LD Plus): $33 Value-Added SNP Panel
This package includes the LD Panel (parentage verification and genomic evaluation) and diagnostic testing for BLAD, DUMPS and coat colour using one DNA sample.

US Genomic Values:
Holstein Females: $20
Holstein Males: $225

Genetic Recessive & Coat Colour Transmitting Codes
Recessive Test Genetic Recessive Descriptions Price
BL - BLAD Deficiency of a normally occurring protein needed for white blood cells or leukocytes, which are body’s infection fighters. $35
CC - Coat Colour To identify colours & colour transmission. $35
BY - Brachyspina Causes abortions, stillborn, shortened spinal cord, long legs and abnormal organs. $65
CV - CVM Causes abortions, stillborn, and early embryonic losses. $40
PL - Polled Polled in Holstein refers to the absence of horns and scurs—animals born naturally hornless. The polled characteristic in cattle is inherited as a simple, dominant gene. Therefore, horns result from two copies of the recessive gene at that location on the chromosome. $40
DP - DUMPS One of many enzymes contributing to normal metabolic processes. $35
MF - Mulefoot Toes of foot are joined, giving animal a single hoof, instead of cloven ones. $160
Beta Casein A2 A1 A2 Milk protein. $15
Parentage Description Price
Standardized test for parentage verification to support Herd Book integrity. Request can be upgraded to LD, LD Plus or MD test. MS may be required to support exchange of data internationally, related to export of semen embryos and live animals. $45 Note: Parentage verification can be conducted using LD, LD Plus and MD Testing