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Genotyping Testing Options

Genotyping Testing Options

There are 5 simple ways to submit a sample for genotyping:

1. Hair

  • Comb or brush the tail area at the upper part of the switch to remove any foreign material. Dirty, contaminated samples will not be processed
  • If necessary, wash and rinse area with water and allow time to dry before taking samples
  • Use withers, topline, or ears as alternatives
  • Collect 35 to 50 hair roots/follicles to ensure better test results
  • Click here to read more about how to properly pull hair for genotyping.

2. Swab

  • A clean nostril provides the best DNA samples
  • However, traces of dirt or feed in the nostrils are acceptable
  • When possible, avoid collecting nasal samples immediately after the animal has eaten
  • Ensure the collection sponge does not touch anything other than the animal's nostril to prevent contamination of the sample.
  • Click here to read more about how to properly use nasal swabs for genotyping
  • If you would like to order nasal swabs, order nasal swab kits through our online store.

3. Tissue Sampling Unit

  • To collect a tissue sample, you will require an Allflex tissue applicator and a tissue sample unit called a punch.
  • Using the applicator and punch, you will collect a 3mm tissue sample directly from the ear.
  • Each punch contains stabilization and transportation medium, and is unusable in all DNA laboratory settings.
  • Can be used to collect tissue samples for all animals regardless of age.
  • Click here to learn more about how to properly use tissue sampling units for genotyping.
  • If you would like to order tissue sampling units, order through our online store.

4. Blood

  • Blood is generally used for Freemartin testing
  • It is not recommended that blood be drawn from an animal that is under 6 weeks of age
  • Use a tube with a purple or green stopper
  • Bleed until tube is about 3/4 full
  • Keep sample from heating or freezing
  • Not available for purchase

5. Semen

  • This testing option is generally provided by AI units
  • Clearly mark the tube with name and registration number of sampled bull
  • Not available for purchase

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Why Use Various Genotyping Options?

  • To increase reliability and accuracy of genetic evaluations
  • To select the 'right' heifers at an earlier age
  • To enable faster genetic progress in your herd
  • To optimize mating of heifers
  • To help make more informed marketing and management decisions
  • To recover return on investment for the cost of rearing heifers

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