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Holstein Canada Shows & Judging Program

Marketing of Holstein cattle across Canada is propelled through the use of cattle shows to help in the promotion, merchandising, and further breed improvement of purebred animals. Shows across Canada provide a venue for sellers of animals to merchandise their cattle while providing an opportune venue for buyers and sellers.

In addition to the promotion of purebred Holstein cattle, shows are healthy for:

  • Public perception of the dairy industry
  • Informative venue for fellow dairy producers to learn and share among each other to improve their breeding program
  • Vehicle for competition and good sportsmanship in an effort to compare one breeding units animals to another
  • Enhances the sound breeding efforts of the entire Canadian dairy industry
  • Spotlights Canadian genetics to an international audience

With over 300 dairy shows across Canada each year, each provincial branch works in cooperation with local committees and Holstein Canada to ensure fair, ethical, and competitive shows are held.

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Show Resources

Official publications have been created with the help of provincial branches and the expertise of official judges and experienced show people, to create excellent manuals for fellow judges and show people across Canada. These publications can be requested in hard copy by contacting Holstein Canada’s Strategic Communications department at 1-855-756-8300 ext. 233 or via email strategiccommunications@holstein.ca

Alternatively, these publications can be downloaded online: