Holstein Canada

Certificate of Superior Accomplishment & Recognition

Holstein Canada awards prestigious certificates to a person or group whose accomplishments are extraordinary and whose achievements have had an impact on the Association, its membership, the breed, and/or the Canadian dairy industry. Their efforts have been central in the breed’s growth and prosperity within Canada and/or around the world.

In its entire history, Holstein Canada has only awarded a small number of Certificates; presented at the Annual General Meeting during the National Holstein Convention. The two distinguished Certificates—Certificate of Recognition and Certificate of Superior Accomplishment—are awarded based on the following criteria:

Certificate of Recognition Awards

Awarded to a person or group whose activities have been central to the growth and prosperity of the Association, breeders, and the breed and:

  • Impacted mostly provincial or regional in nature
  • Time and contribution significantly over and above what is considered "part of the job” and over and above what would be of personal benefit/personal business profit
Certificate of Recognition Award Recipients
Date Recipient
2017 Jean Touchette
2016 Steve Dolson
2015 Bruce Witmer
2008 G. Peter English
1970 Attilio Ladina

Certificate of Superior Accomplishment Awards

Awarded to a person or group whose achievements are based on, but not limited too:

  • Enhancing working relationships both domestically and internationally
  • Marketing and promoting the breed, the Association, and/or Association programs
  • Mentorship and Leadership
  • Education (best farm management practices, conformation, animal health)
  • Outstanding business achievements
Certificate of Superior Accomplishment Award Recipients
Date Recipient
2017 Doug Blair
2016 Albert Cormier
2015 Norm & Marj Atkins,
Continental Holsteins
2012 Patty Jones,
Canadian Livestock Photography
2010 Marc Comtois,
Comestar Holsteins
2009 Doctor Gordon Atkins
1994 Hanover Hill Holsteins
1991 David Houck
1990 F. Roy Ormiston
1984 Honourable Eugene Whelan
1980 Jim Rose
1976 G.R. McLaughlin
1975 Ben Robinson
1974 Doctor Kenneth F. Wells
1972 Doctor Riccardo Della Favera
1969 W.P. Watson
1968 Hugh J. Colson
1965 James R. Henderson
1964 Hector Beliveau
1959 Professor George E. Raithby
George M. Clemons
1956 Maurice S. Prescott
Doctor W. J. Moynihan
1954 H.W. Norton Junior