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Field Service

Field service work is an essential part of Holstein Canada’s services. Holstein Canada exists because of our members and the passion they have for the dairy industry. Field Service is another way for Holstein Canada, Ontario Holstein and Holstein Québec staff to connect with existing members and/or potential customers in addition to the traditional means of phone or email. Having one-on-one conversation is one way we provide added value to our membership and create new relationships.

Ontario Holstein and Holstein Québec branches provide Field Service for their respective provinces. Both branches have dedicated field service reps that travel throughout their regions in order to connect with members on and off the farm. In recent years, the Western (BC, AB, SK & MB) and Eastern (NB, PEI, NS/NFLD) branches that do not have full-time staff, have partnered with Holstein Canada to provide field service support. Holstein Canada’s Field Service Business Partners work with those branches to meet the needs of their members.

Field Service support is available for all Holstein Canada members and non-members in hopes of creating future members. Having a field service rep come on-farm or visit with you at industry events creates a perfect opportunity to answer questions, talk about services and help resolve issues while also serving as a learning opportunity for both sides.

A field service business partner's work demands vary each month depending on the time of the year and industry events. The following is a snap shot of what our FSBPs may be doing at any given time:

On and off-farm recruitment and retention:

  • Visiting members and answering questions
  • Visiting non-members to explain the value of Holstein Canada services
  • Acting as a liaison between members/county clubs, branches and the head office
  • Promoting value-added services on and off the farm
  • Delivering presentations
  • Assisting producers with record-keeping, problem solving and breed improvement
  • Helping members catch up on registrations

Shows and Judging:

  • Assisting at official Holstein shows
  • Assisting at provincial shows if necessary
  • Organizing or assisting with judging competitions


  • Organizing youth events and encouraging youth to be involved in the industry
  • Delivering presentation
  • Recruiting Junior Membership and promoting Young Leader Programs


  • Providing a voice for members at industry events
  • Working with industry partners such as AI and milk recording to achieve common goals
  • Attending events or workshops on behalf of their branch and members

Field Service Time Breakdown

2014 Field Service Time Breakdown

If you or someone you know could benefit from Field Service, please don’t hesitate to contact Holstein Canada's Field Service Business Partners at fieldservice@holstein.ca.