Holstein Canada

All-Breeds Classification

Holstein Canada is proud to offer all-breeds classification to the seven dairy breeds across Canada since it began in 2005.

Friendly and Professional Service

  • Nationally-delivered service by Holstein Canada, the team classifies all dairy breeds in Canada.
  • Our classifiers are highly-trained professionals with expertise in the assessment of dairy cattle conformation and herd management.
  • 26 classifiers travel all regions of the country: in one year, a classifier evaluates the conformation of over 13,000 cows in close to 1,000 dairy herds.

Accuracy and Consistency

Each breed association has a committee to monitor the trends within their respective breed and study the relationship for each trait with longevity or resistance to culling. These factors become the basis for changes in weightings, ideals or adding/removing traits. In the case of the Holstein breed, a national advisory committee oversees the future needs and direction of conformation improvement in Canada. The Holstein advisory committee consists of five diverse and knowledgeable dairy producers (1-Qc, 1-ON, 1-West, 1-East, 1-at large) as well as a veterinarian and an AI representative.

Better Mating Decisions

Select the AI centre (among 6 AI units to choose from) to process genetic mating service using classification and genetic data on all females in the herd. Holstein Canada sends the AI unit data files containing the herds’ classification and genetic information for cows and heifers, and the mating program attempts to match the optimal sire that complements each animals’ strengths and pedigree, and corrects her weaknesses. The mating reports are provided to all classification customers at no charge.

Conformation Assessment Posters




Female  Male
 Ayrshire  Ayrshire
 Brown Swiss  Brown Swiss
 Canadienne  Canadienne
 Guernsey  Guernsey
 Holstein  Holstein
 Jersey  Jersey
 Milking Shorthorn  Milking Shorthorn