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Genetic Services

Interested in the latest genetic evaluations for the animals in your herd? Why not sign up for a yearly subscription to a genetic package. Simply select the genetic package that best suits your needs and we do the rest. Better yet; request automatic renewal and you don’t have to call the office each year to renew your subscription. We bill your account in January which covers the cost of 3 issues distributed in April, August, and December of that year. You have a choice of hard copy and/or an electronic data file (standard flat format) that can be imported to any database or spreadsheet.

Contact customer service for details at customerservice@holstein.ca or at 1-855-756-8300

Genetic Services Available

Genetic Herd Report
(Canadian Herds)
Active Cows in your herd as of your
last milk test
Heifer Index Report
(Canadian Herds)
Heifers in your ownership that are
less than 36 months of age
Genetic Package
(Canadian Herds)
Includes Genetic & Heifer Reports
Elite Cow
Elite cows with a minimum official genetic
evaluation of 742 for Milk, 27
for Fat, 24 for Protein,
5 for Conformation and 1000 for LPI
Elite Heifer
Heifers less than 30 months of age from dams with
 an LPI of 1200 or higher
Herd Book Inventory
(Canadian Herds)
Description:A list of animals currently in your ownership born in
the last 10 years
Classification Data
(Canadian Herds)
A list of animals in your herd classified in the last round
and active as of last milk test day