Holstein Canada

What We Ask and What We Offer

Holstein Canada takes care in the environment and benefits we provide to employees.

We've learned that if we place trust in our employees, if we give them the tools and resources they need to do a good job, they will work miracles. It really is that simple.

The working relationship is a special one for both the employee and the organization. At Holstein Canada, employees are simply asked to:

  • Be Honest
  • Be Professional
  • Be Considerate
  • Cooperate and Collaborate
  • Have Fun
  • Live a "Yes" Attitude
  • Aim Higher

Our employees have the chance to learn, grow and try new things. We offer:


Holstein Canada believes in preparing people for success. New employees participate in an orientation program-- one that is built specifically for them and involves most areas of our business.


What's the point of accomplishing something if you don't celebrate it? We regularly celebrate project and goal successes. We track our goals and objectives visually around the office so all can see our progress and what's left to do. We also celebrate long service as a testament to the commitment and loyalty of our people.


To encourage life-long learning and knowledge-building, we support employees' participation in training - coaching, courses, lunch and learn general interest topics, awareness sessions - all with the goal of helping staff meet their educational and professional development pursuits.


Holstein Canada's Brantford Office supports employee comfort and team collaboration. Long and narrow, reflective of dairy barns, the building offers easy access to all work areas in a climate-controlled environment with an abundance of natural light. Meeting space is suitable for quick chats and large meetings. The reception area is welcoming - open, friendly, accessible and bilingual. Employees benefit from a large kitchen, a larger lunchroom, and an outdoor patio.

At Holstein Canada, we actively support the health and safety of our employees through our commitment to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment. We follow a business casual dress code, creating a professional yet comfortable place to contribute to organizational goals.

Information and a Voice

Holstein Canada is committed to transparent 2-way communication with employees. A monthly employee newsletter and regular internal updates and meetings provide regular communication. All employees are encouraged to give feedback, offer opinions and ask questions every chance they get.


Holstein Canada is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our membership, industry partners, colleagues and our community. We respect and celebrate the diversity of people who make up our community. All customers can expect sensitivity, accessibility, and respect in their business dealings with us.

Competitive Total Rewards

Integrating internal equity, market forces and other competitive and economic factors, Holstein Canada proudly compensates employees at competitive levels.

Holstein Canada provides a robust benefits program to all eligible employees. These benefits range from prescription drugs, travel medical insurance and vision care, to dental and therapy services.

Retirement saving and peace of mind were paramount when Holstein Canada established the Holstein Association of Canada Employees' Pension Plan. All eligible employees contribute to the Plan after one year of employment.

Employee Assistance Program

Truly believing that our people are our greatest asset, Holstein Canada is committed to the overall well-being of its employees. To assist employees and their families in times of crisis and stress, we have retained an outside firm to provide voluntary, confidential and supportive counseling services to employees and their immediate family.

Giving to the Community

Holstein Canada lives our commitment to the community. We are proud to support the United Way and other organizations that extend a helping hand to those in need.

If you think you would be a valuable team player at Holstein Canada and like what we offer, view our career openings.