Holstein Canada

Group Transfer Rates

To take advantage of programming in the new Herdbook software, how a transfer price is calculated has changed as of February 1, 2016.

Going forward, each transfer, regardless of different buyers, will be charged individually at $15 at the time of transfer. When 16 or more fully priced transfers are received and invoiced from the same client (producer, agent, sales manager, club or auction) within the same calendar month, the client will be eligible for a rebate of $10 for each transfer.

The advantage is that we can now offer economies of scale to all members on a monthly basis. Additionally, this monthly calculation will allow members to continue business as usual on a daily basis and take advantage of the accumulation of transfers done throughout the course of the same month.

An extra condition applies if you are selling your whole or partial herd to one buyer (same seller and buyer for all) and transfer more than 50 animals. In this case, you will receive an additional $5 rebate, excluding the first 50 transfers.