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The purpose of the accreditation program is to ensure that "accredited" businesses and individuals keep adequate records in order that resulting calves can be registered with assurance by the respective Breed Association. Additionally, supporting records will exist to assist in the resolving of problems in cases of parentage disputes and disaster, regardless of dates and time lapse. The rules require that a bull be registered, parentage-tested and properly identified, and that his semen be labelled according to a specific standard. A.I. technicians and herd owners must ensure that the correct semen has been used on the right cow in all circumstances, and keep accurate records of all inseminations performed.

The accreditation program focuses specifically on reliable record-keeping by all rather than separating businesses into acceptable and unacceptable categories. This approach places the onus on the breeder/producer to deal with responsible businesses, and provides an "Accreditation" system to assist breeders in identifying reliable businesses, practitioners, semen handlers and agents.

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How to Become an Accredited Filing Business:

  1. Select which accrediting business you are:
  2. Print, fill out and send to us by:

Remember, know your supplier and keep in mind that there are consequences of non-accreditation.

After your application and request have been processed and you receive confirmation from Holstein Canada, you can submit Electronic Registration Agreement (ERA) files for any organization that has a signed Electronic Registration Filing Agreement (ERFA) with us.

Know your Supplier

Breeders must know and trust their suppliers to ensure that purchased semen, animals, and embryos have moved between and through accredited sources. Accredited semen handlers, practitioners, businesses and agents are expected to have proper documentation attesting to semen, animal, and embryo origin and movement, both at the time of purchase and when problems arise. Breeders will know who is accredited because all accredited technicians, semen/embryo handlers and agents carry identification cards issued annually by CDB upon renewal and approval.

Consequences of Non-Accreditation

If breeders choose to be "non-accredited" or to deal with "non-accredited" organizations or technicians, the resulting calves may still be eligible for registration. But, numerous problems could be encountered at the expense of the breeder. In such cases, the Association, in order to ensure the continued accuracy of the Herdbook and correct parentage of resulting calves, would conduct a complete investigation. Breeders would be charged for all costs including parentage verification, veterinarian fees, audit of herd records, staff time, etc.

Accreditation Fee Schedule

* Automatic Renewal
AI Business Artificial Insemination (AI) accreditations are for those organizations, businesses or individuals who participate in collection, distribution and / or insemination of bull semen. Annual $25.00
+ applicable taxes
ET Business Embryo Transfer (ET) accreditations are those organizations, businesses or individuals which collects, processes or distributes bovine embryos (recovery, splitting, freezing, sexing and / or transplanting of embryos). Annual $25.00
+ applicable taxes
Sales Business Sales business (SB) accreditations are for those organizations, businesses or an individual which buys, sells or trades dairy animals. Annual $25.00
+ applicable taxes
Filing Business Filing business (FB) accreditations are for those organizations, businesses or individuals which files registration or transfer applications on the owner’s behalf. Annual No Fee