Holstein Canada

Genetic Evaluation Release Dates

Starting April 2015, the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) has started releasing genetic evaluations weekly. This will result in approximately forty-five (45) genetic releases throughout the year. Releases will not take place two (2) weeks prior to official genetic evaluations. Aside from those weeks, CDN releases results every Tuesday at 12 noon (Eastern) and Holstein’s member login accounts should have the updated reports available just after the release.

Genomic samples will still take approximately 6 weeks from the time they are summited to the time producers receive results. However the results will be published weekly instead of monthly as they previously were. It’s important to allow yourself at least four (4) to six (6) weeks if results are needed by a specific date.

If you have any further questions regarding genotyping, call our Holstein Canada Customer Service department at 1-855-756-8300 ext. 600.

Canadian Dairy Network Official Genetic Evaluation Release Dates - Release Date Calendar
April 7, 2020
August 11, 2020
December 1, 2020