Holstein Canada


In 2019, Holstein Canada classified 272,978 animals in Canada!

Classification Makes Sense

Classification is a comprehensive evaluation of the physical structure of a dairy animal.

Benefits to Classifying your Animals:

When a herd starts to classify, several methods of herd improvement are initiated. By utilizing the information to make more informed and profitable decisions, herd owners can appreciate the value of the service.

  • Early culling tool that identifies problem cows
  • Insight into possible management changes
  • Consultation with an objective/unbiased expert who sees thousands of farms across Canada
  • Mating & Selection Tool
    • Select the best cows in the herd to develop
    • Select the optimal sire to mate to each cow

Low Cost Investment with a High Return

Herd Visit Fee $125
Mid-Round Herd Visit Fee $125
Per Classified Animal $11
  • Classification is offered across Canada on an eight-month interval for a regular round.
  • The fees to classify are $125 for the herd visit fee and an additional $11 per classified animal.
  • An optional mid-round classification service is also available.
    • Herds choosing the mid-round service receive a classification visit every four months.
    • Large herds, progressive herds and merchandizing herds have all enjoyed having more frequent classification visits for greater ease, efficiency and effectiveness for their operations and goals.
    • Approximately 45% of herds subscribe to the mid-round service.
Volume Pricing

Reasons why YOU should be classifying today:

  • An important herd management tool which helps producers make improvements to the functional conformation of their dairy herds
  • In accordance with breed goals the classification system aims to select cows with optimal workability that are:
    • Easy to work with
    • More resistant to breakdown or disease
    • Trouble-free and lower maintenance
  • Objective of selecting for the cow's natural ability to produce higher volumes of milk over longer lifetimes.
  • Select cows that can perform at higher levels with greater ease.
  • A small investment that makes a lot of economic sense for a successful dairy enterprise.
  • Allows the herd owner to benchmark their cows in comparison to the national population and trends.

*Score is equal to first lactation final score