Holstein Canada

Herd Enrollment Program

Program Details

  • Available to all herds who have not classified in two or more years
  • Receive a herd consultation visit with an experienced classifier. Here, they discuss the benefits of classification and how the information can be used on-farm.
  • No charge for the herd visit fee (regular or mid-round) for first classification
  • For qualifying herds with no registration activity for 3 or more years the program will also offer:
    • Registration fee discounted by 50% for all animals (excluding base) registered within 6 months of commitment to the program
    • No charge to transfer ownership of animals resident in the herd prior
    • To qualify for the registration savings, herds must agree to participate in at least one classification visit.

Experience the Benefits of Classification for a Very Low Investment

Holstein Canada offers classification to all dairy breeds across Canada. The classification fees are $125 for a herd visit and a $11 fee per classified animal. Provincial branch activity fees apply to the classification and registration costs.

If you know a producer who would benefit from a field visit, please contact your local Holstein Branch or Holstein Canada at 1-855-756-8300 and ask for our Field Service representative.

For additional information, contact the Classification & Field Services Department at 1-855-756-8300 or email classification@holstein.ca