Holstein Canada

Registration Eligibilities

All animals with Holstein genetics are eligible for registration according to Holstein Canada’s Full Spectrum Registration scale. This allows Canadian producers access to genetics of choice from the global marketplace. With the elimination of blanks/gaps in pedigrees, all animals and genetics can now be fully categorized. Countries reserve the right to recognize imported genetics in the same manner as if first registered in their own Herdbooks.

This process accommodates the diverseness of international herdbooks involving grading-up or the entry-level component of their registration programs. For example, in Europe, it takes three generations to achieve purebred. In the USA, animals can be upgraded to a percentage level of 99%. And, in Canada, it requires a minimum of five generations, from a base/foundation animal, for females and six generations for males to reach the purebred status.

Please keep in mind that Holstein Canada's database is the primary source of information-- not the Certificate of Registry, Extended Pedigree, or Animal Information Sheet (AIS).

All Holstein animals are eligible to be registered in our Herdbook. Contact
Holstein Canada at 1-855-756-8300 for more information.