Holstein Canada

Awards & Recognition

Education Awards

Since the 1950s, Holstein Canada has played a role in applauding young adults in their higher educational successes. Each fall, six $1000 Education Awards are offered by Holstein Canada to be awarded to 1 person in Western Canada; 2 in Ontario; 2 in Quebec; and 1 person in Atlantic Canada. Education award applications become available each fall and are due in November.

Congratulations to the six individuals chosen as the 2016 Education Award Winners!

Want to see the Holstein Canada Education Winners? Click here!

The Young Leader Advisory Committee is responsible for choosing the six successful applicants who are given consideration on the following breakdown:

  • 30 points, farm involvement & work experience
  • 30 points, youth program involvement
  • 20 points, career choice
  • 20 points, scholastic record

Other accomplishments may influence the selection committee in the event of a close decision. Once the Young Leader Advisory Committee has selected the successful candidates, winners will be notified immediately upon the Committee's decision in December. A general announcement of the winners will be made through a media release and a feature of the winners in the February-March InfoHolstein publication.

Rules for the Education Awards:
  1. Must be a regular or junior member of Holstein Canada, or a son/daughter of a member.
  2. Must have completed at least one year of university/college (or Cégep in Québec)
  3. Must submit an official, original transcript (faxed and photocopied submissions will not be accepted) and a copy of your resume, including reference list
  4. Must be returning to school within the calendar year
  5. Applications can be completed through the fillable PDF which can be emailed with accompanying documents to Youngleader@holstein.caor your complete application package can be mailed to Linda Ness at the address below.

Bovine Medicine Awards

The award recognizes one student from each of the 5 Canadian Veterinary Colleges for their scholastic achievements in the sum of $1000 each.

Beginning in the early '80s, awards have been presented annually to one graduating student from each of the universities of Guelph, Ontario; Montréal, Québec; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Proficiency in bovine medicine gains them each $400.00. The selections are made by the educational institutions and representatives of Holstein Canada present the cheques at convocation ceremonies.

In 1999, the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown was added to the program. In 2013, the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has been added to the awards program, with the award sum increasing from $400 to $1000 as well in 2013.