Holstein Canada

US Genomic Subscriptions

US genetic evaluation services were privatized in 2013 and are now under the umbrella of the Council for Dairy Cattle Breeding. The Council implemented a new fee structure and consequently, a fee for the provision of American values for Canadian owned animals. These fees are $15 for Holstein females and $285 for Holstein males. The fees are $44 for Jersey females and $325 for Jersey males.

In order to request US genomic values for Canadian-owned animals, genomic samples must be submitted through Holstein Canada GenoTest (or GenoId) service. US values can not be obtained by making requests directly to the Council or to the US Holstein Association.

  • The initial request can only be made by owner of males and females
  • Request to receive American values for a Canadian animal can be made:
    • At the time of submitting a genomic sample (indicate in tick-box on the GenoTest Application) or;
    • Following the initial receipt of Canadian genomic values by contacting Customer Service (the result will only be available at the next monthly release)
  • Animals that were previously genotyped and received US results will be automatically updated at no charge at every official proof release (August, December and April).
  • All results will be available in PDF and Excel format through your web account
  • US genomic evaluations can only be requested for Holstein animals

To request US values for a genotyped animal, contact Holstein Canada's Customer Service department via email or call at 1-855-756-8300 ext. 410.

US Conversion

Conversion of U.S. PTA’s into Canadian EBV’s -
Canadian EBV Milk (kg) U.S. PTA Milk (lb) Canadian EBV Fat (kg) U.S. PTA Fat (lb) Canadian EBV Protein (kg) U.S. PTA Protein (lb) Canadian EBV Conf (kg) U.S. PTA Type (lb)

Breeders in Canada will need to decide if they would like to pay for receiving a U.S. genomic evaluation. To assist in this decision-making process, CDN and Holstein Canada collaborated in a study to relate GLPI values for Holsteins in Canada to their GTPI value in the United States.The results of this analysis can serve as a means for screening which animals are worthwhile paying to receive a U.S. genomic evaluation including GTPI and Genomic NM$ (net merit index).


The correlation of genomic evaluations on each side of the border is 93% so knowing the GLPI of an animal in Canada provides an excellent indicator of the level of its GTPI in the United States. Table sourced from CanadianDairy Network


The correlation between GNM and GLPI is at 85%. Tabled source from Canadian Dairy Network