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Show Rules & Regulations

Consistent rules for showing are required to ensure that the best interests of all involved are considered before the exhibition of dairy cattle. It is important that Canadian dairy shows endorse good animal husbandry practices, promote all Canadian dairy breeds in a spirit of fair play, and make these standards available to participants and organizers. Members of Canadian dairy breeds, the general public, and animal welfare supporters -- both domestically and internationally -- expect fair and equitable business relations in showing.

Documents are prepared by Holstein Canada to offer direction and protection for show committees and/or fair boards in the administration of a dairy show. Holstein Canada encourages show organizers to implement these practices for all shows at the earliest possible opportunity.

Additionally, please note:

  • Upon recommendation of the show-appointed veterinarian, any animal posing a biosecurity threat should be removed from the premises immediately
  • Show organizers should discourage transfers of ownership for the purpose of gaining unfair advantage for exhibitor points

Click on the following links to download the documents as PDFs:

New Show Rules & Regulations (In effect November 2018)

For show and judging questions or inquiries, contact:
Linda Ness
Manager, Strategic Communications, Holstein Canada
1-855-756-8300 ext. 233