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The Canadian Dairy Industry

The Canadian dairy industry is a strong and viable industry in Canada. In Canada, 98% of dairy farms across Canada are family-owned and operated. Dairy farms can be found in each province across Canada with a large concentration (81%) located in Ontario and Quebec, 13% in the Western provinces and 6% in the Atlantic provinces. The average Canadian dairy farm milks 73 cows.

The dairy industry in Canada is represented by the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), a national lobbying organization. Founded in 1934, DFC has now come to be responsible for the policy, marketing, nutrition, and market research activities relating to milk production in Canada, and is the voice of Canadian dairy producers.

The Canadian dairy industry is known for its very high quality and safety standards. Many milk safety and quality programs and services help farmers across Canada to produce the highest-quality and safest dairy products for consumers. To ensure dairy animals across Canada are kept in healthy and well-maintained conditions, Dairy Farmers of Canada and the National Farm Animal Care Council have collaborated to create and update the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle. The Code meets or exceeds the majority of the standards of humane livestock treatment expected by the food industry and society.

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For more information on the Canadian dairy industry, visit Canadian Dairy Information Centre (CDIC) or Dairy Farmers of Canada

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