Holstein Canada

Junior Member

Welcome, Junior Member! Thanks for taking part in this initiative for future Holstein producers across Canada. We’ve got some special perks for you, including:

  • Free Holstein Canada membership! This lets you take part in Holstein Canada services, get preferred fees for Registrations, and gain access to awesome learning and training opportunities.
  • Junior Members also have the ability to start their own new prefix or share in their family’s prefix. You can start achieving all your Holstein dreams early!
  • Once they’ve signed up, Junior Members will receive an introductory New Members kit with a loyalty gift and bimonthly issues of InfoHolstein.


Prefix Sharing

Holstein Canada gives each new member a unique herd prefix. The member uses their prefix exclusively, and you can get one for yourself with a Junior Membership. However, membership also lets you share your family’s prefix if the prefix owner gives their permission. This makes it easy for you to achieve your herd goals!

The owner of a prefix can give members of the immediate family use of their prefix, but the prefix sharer must be a member of Holstein Canada. That’s where a Junior Membership comes in: you get an opportunity to use Holstein Canada services to make important herd management decisions. Just have the prefix holder sign the appropriate portion of the Junior Member application form in order to extend the prefix!

Questions? Check out our FAQs here and apply to be a Junior Member today!

Junior Membership Application
Photo Waiver (to please be returned with Application)

We’re also starting some exciting new activities that are only for Junior Members:

The return of the Frame the Herd Contest!: Participants can enter by submitting photos for a chance to have them on the cover of InfoHolstein, featured on social media, and used in the 2021 Holstein Canada calendar (all with attributions). Use the hashtag #FrameTheHerd2020 on Instagram and Twitter, or send them in to socialmedia@holstein.ca.

Gamification: Junior members can accumulate points over the year for their participation in social media activities and dairy industry events. The members with the most points from each province wins a prize. We’re in pilot project mode on this one, but get ready to have a little fun and promote and participate more in our industry!

Coming in 2021!

The Junior Membership Project: In this, Junior Members become more familiar with Holstein Canada’s services and learn more about the industry.

The Junior Member Display Contest: Junior members make a presentation on a designated topic using a fold-up display, video, or PowerPoint.