Holstein Canada

Payment Policy

Holstein Association Of Canada Terms Of Payment

  1. An invoice will be provided for all services performed by Holstein Canada.
  2. A STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT will be mailed to customers who have been invoiced during that month, or those who have an outstanding balance. This statement will list invoices debited and payments credited during that month. It will also show interest as Finance Charged on the previous month’s unpaid balance, if any.
  3. The month-end balance on the statement is DUE UPON RECEIPT of statement. Balances not paid by the end of the month in which statement is received will be charged interest at 1.25% per month.
  4. Any account containing amounts in arrears over 3 months will be put on CREDIT HOLD and services will be held until the account is paid.
  5. Holstein Canada reserves the right to limit or deny credit privileges to any account on the basis of credit worthiness, prior payment record or other circumstances that would cause concern as to the collectability for services rendered.
  6. Holstein Canada uses a Balance Forward Statement of Account and payments are applied first to the oldest invoices with a balance due.