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Genomics 101

Genetics 101

InfoHolstein: January/February 2016 Back to Basics: Genetic Breeding Values
InfoHolstein: March/April 2016 Coat Colour
InfoHolstein: May/June 2016 Heritability and Long-term Health
InfoHolstein: July/August 2016 Nature vs Nurture: Where is the Bottleneck on your Farm?
InfoHolstein: September/October 2016 Managing Recessives and Haplotypes
InfoHolstein: November/December 2016 Dissecting the Bovine Genome: It's all in thier genes
InfoHolstein: January/February 2017 New Look for Online Accounts and Genomic Reports
InfoHolstein: March/April 2017 Genetic Progress
InfoHolstein: July/August 2017 Genetic Progress Before and Since Genomics
InfoHolstein: September/October 2017 Classification: The tool to improve functional conformation and achieve longevity