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Cow of the Year

Since 1995, Holstein Canada’s annual Cow of the Year competition aims to recognize elite Canadian cows that have had an impact both domestically and internationally and have been enjoyed by Canadian producers. These animals could be a bull dam; a brood cow; a high or consistent milk producer; a show winner; a high-index animal; or a top cow in another country.

Holstein Canada members are welcomed to submit nominations in the fall for animals they feel deserving to be nominated for the Cow of the Year title. From submitted, eligible nominations, the Holstein Canada Cow of the Year selection committee names four Canadian-bred finalists. Nominees are narrowed to four based on animals that showcase longevity, production, genetic merit, strength of pedigree; and are a great Ambassador of Canadian genetics. And of course, nominees must be Canadian bred!

The Cow of the Year is announced at Holstein Canada's Annual Meeting. The 2017 winner will be announced at the 2018 National Holstein Convention in Quebec City, QC.

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Cast your vote in four easy ways:
  1. Mail your postage-paid ballot (in the Jan/Feb 2017 edition of InfoHolstein): 20 Corporate Place P.O. Box 610 Brantford, ON N3T 5R4
  2. Fax your ballot to 519-756-5878
  3. E-mail your vote to cowoftheyear@holstein.ca
  4. Online-vote from your confidential online web account: To vote online, simply log into you member profile and click on the Cow of the Year banner at the top of the page. (*Each prefix or client ID is entitled to one vote.)

The deadline for voting is Friday, March 9, 2018

Cow of the Year Nominating Eligibility Criteria:

  • Animal must be Canadian-bred; and permission must be attained from the cow’s owner prior to being nominated for the award.
  • Animal must be active in the award year in-milk; natural or ET offspring born; or embryo recovery and must have been alive within the past five (5) years.
  • Animal must be able to, or have potential to contribute to the breed on a continual basis
  • No controversy should be involved with finalists
  • Classifications should be attained
  • Production records should be completed
  • Performance of daughters and/or sons is considered
  • Good conformation, plus production components reflecting Canadian balanced breeding should be obvious
  • Winners of the award will be promoted by Holstein Canada and beyond
  • Maximum of four finalists will be chosen
  • A cow is not eligible to be a finalist more than twice
  • If a tie in votes occurs, then both cows will win the Cow of the Year award
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