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European Young Breeders School (EYBS)

European Young Breeders School Students

Created to teach young breeders how to judge, prepare their animals for shows, and market their genetics, teams from across Europe gathered in Battice, Belgium to participate in the European Young Breeders School.

The school has been created in 1999. It is aimed at young people from 13 to 25 years, and its main aim is to learn to the young breeders knowing their cattle better and, optimizing selection and preparing them for shows. It has become an annual opportunity since 2014 to send a Canadian team of six keen young leaders. Each year, the team is comprised of winners of provincial competitions and/or successful candidates determined through an interview process held within their region.

Congratulations to the 2016 EYBS Team!

Photo of EYBS Team

From right to left: Julie MacFarlane (QC), Katelyn Crest (AB), Cameron Stockdale (ON), Kathryn McCully (NB), Maxime Montplaisir (QC), and Ava Doner (ON)

Past Delegates

2016 Julie MacFarlane Québec
2016 Katelyn Crest Alberta
2016 Cameron Stockdale Ontario
2016 Kathryn McCully New Brunswick
2016 Maxime Montplaisir Québec
2016 Ava Doner Ontario
2015 Michael Flaman Saskatchewan
2015 Jennifer Charlton Ontario
2015 Chris Steven Ontario
2015 Mauranne Hébert Québec
2015 Andrée-Anne Pariseau Beloin Québec
2015 Megan Wynn Nova Scotia
2014 Sebastien Dalpée Québec
2014 Emmanuel Brisson Québec
2014 Ryan Crowley Ontario
2014 Kenny McRae Ontario
2014 Jaclyn Hunter Alberta
2014 Erica Jackson Nova Scotia