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Young Leaders Program

Young Leaders

Young Leader Program Vision

"To cultivate a group of passionate and unified young leaders who are: knowledgeable and well-trained about Holstein Canada and enthusiastic advocates and ambassadors for the dairy industry; so they remain profitable members committed to breed advancement and industry sustainability.”

The Young Leader program is based on the following 5 pillars:

Young Leaders 5 Pillars Infograph

Programs under each of the 5 pillars will provide our Canadian dairy young leaders with both personal and professional development as well as aid in the understanding of programs and services available to assist in helping make their dairy herds more profitable. The Young adult program will facilitate an understanding of the workings of Holstein Canada.

Supporting and fostering the next generation is an important focus at Holstein Canada. We believe that supporting young leaders aged 19-30 will help to foster a generation of dairy leaders who will lead our industry in the future.

Holstein Canada is committed to developing opportunities to assist, educate, and involve young adults in their Holstein related interests. The youth of today are the members, customers and leaders of tomorrow. The goal is to encourage and support young Holstein enthusiasts to become active proponents of the Holstein breed.

The Young Leader Advisory Committee Members:

The Young Leader Advisory Committee (YLAC) has representation from four Canadian regions: Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ontario, and the Western provinces. Committee members work with Holstein Canada staff to develop a program to meet aspirations of young adults across Canada.

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Laurence Boulet Olivier Roy-Tanguay Cynthia Campbell Ryan Wert
Michael Flaman Lars Iversen Alex Dolson

Want to learn more or get involved? Email youngleader@holstein.ca