Holstein Canada


Holstein Canada works in conjunction with nine provincial branches across Canada to provide support to the membership through field service activities. Holstein Ontario and Holstein Quebec have full-time staff in each of their provinces, while the other provincial branches are volunteer-based.

Branch Phone Fax Email
British Columbia Angela Hamming, President 604-818-7113  pahamming@dccnet.com
  www.bcholsteins.com Joan Wikkerink, Secretary 250-743-8690  250-743-8691 bcbranch@telus.net
Alberta William Vanderlinde, President 403-782-1516
  www.albertaholstein.ca Benita Hummel, Secretary 403-732-5163  403-732-5183  info@albertaholstein.ca
Saskatchewan Ryan Friesen, President 306-363-4821   rnfriesen@yahoo.com
  Saskatchewan Holstein Tricia Flaman, Secretary 306-539-9808 saskbranch@sasktel.net
Manitoba Chad Andres, President 204-371-9507 chad.andres@outlook.com
  www.manitobaholsteins.ca Tanya Plett, Secretary 204-326-6539 877-809-9056 info@manitobaholsteins.ca
Ontario Brad Lowry, President 613-913-4080 lowryb81@live.ca
  www.ontario.holstein.ca Merina Johnston, General Manager 613-360-0641  merinajohnston@ontario.holstein.ca
Quebec Mariette Gagnon, President 418-259-7459 fboulet@globetrotter.net
  www.holsteinquebec.com Valerie Tremblay, General Manager 450-778-9636 ext 231 tremblay@holsteinquebec.com
New Brunswick Roy Etheridge, President 506-363-4128 royridge@nb.sympatico.ca
  New Brunswick Holsteins Rianne Dykstra, Secretary 506-756-4506 nbholsteins@gmail.com
Nova Scotia / Newfoundland Lindsay Greenough, President 902-7902582 greenough15@hotmail.com
  NS/NL Hoslteins

Lynne Stead, 

902-895-3031 steadlynne1@gmail.com
Prince Edward Island Logan Jewell, President 902-888-9660  902-887-2584  loganjewell93@gmail.com
  www.holsteinpei.com Fred VanderKloet, Secretary 902-628-5049   kloet@pei.sympatico.ca