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True-Type Models

Holstein Canada True Type Models

True Type models depicting the Canadian dairy animal have existed for many years. In 2003, Holstein Canada's Board of Directors formed a committee to work to develop new True Type models. From August 2003 to July 2004, renowned wildlife sculptor Ken Finucan and a committee of respected breeders and industry experts conducted meetings and sculpting workshops to bring the dynamic pair to life. New True Type Holstein cow and bull models were created and years later, in 2007, the young first calf heifer model was created.

The new models, also available in Red & White, are cast in urethane resin, which is a strong and durable material that can be moulded with intricate detail. In recent years, a new two-year old True Type model was developed. The True Type model committee meets once a year to continue to improve and develop the modern-day kind of day that the model should accurately reflect.

True Type models make a wonderful gift for the Holstein enthusiasts in your life. Order yours today!

Want your model customized? All the models available below can be customized with the markings of an extraordinary animal to proudly keep their achievements on display. If you would like to order a customized True Type model, send a sketch or photo of both sides of the animal, and if available a view from the front and rear, to Carole Morgan in Classification and Field Service or by fax at 519-756-5878.

Orders for delivery in Canada only are accepted through the online store. For delivery outside of Canada, please contact Carole Morgan for details.

True Type Mature Cow: $240

True Type Mature Cow
Available in Black & White or Red & White

Efforts were focused on making refinements to the 1994 model. Her udder is capacious but well and strongly attached. Her feet & legs exhibit fluidity of movement with realistic detail in the feet. She is showing all qualities needed for a trouble-free locomotion therefore an improved longevity. Her stance in the front legs looks natural thereby giving her appearance of mobility. Her rump is wide and well positioned for a mature cow. She has a great length of body, a well-sprung, wide and open structure of ribs. Her head and neck are refined down through to the point of shoulder. She seems to show all qualities for a great milker that will last long in any herd or type of operation.


True Type Bull: $240

True Type Bull
Available in Black & White or Red & White

Two decades have passed since the previous True Type bull, so the new model was developed from a clean start. Without losing his masculinity, the new True Type bull shows the incredible dairy strength that is sought in the modern dairy bull. You never get tired of looking at this model bull, admiring his openness, angularity, and length of neck, to complement his overall strength and depth of heart. A look ahead to the future needs of the Holstein breed.


Young First Calf Heifer Model: $240

Young First Calf Heifer
Available in Black & White or Red & White

She's a young heifer calving at 22 to 24 months of age, and three months fresh. She possesses a strong will to milk, yielding at least 45 to 50 kg per day. A functional and trouble-free young cow, moderate in size (about 57 inches), she has attributes allowing her to become better with age and provide the most profit to her owners over a long life. A well-sloped rump facilitates calving throughout her life. She is slightly lower at the front-end and represents a typical heifer that freshened at a young age and will develop more depth of body as she matures. This gives an appearance of a little heaviness in the fore udder; however, the attachment is very strong. The udder is soft and capacious, with a slight reverse tilt that will level as she ages. Though exhibiting the hard-working frame of a young dairy cow, she possesses well-sprung, open ribs that pronounce her dairy strength and potential to come.