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Leading Star Brood Cows

Leading Star Brood Cows

The following list reflects the leading star brood cows, according to electronic records available at our Association:

Leading star brood cows
Cow Name Number of Stars

Awards Criteria

Cow Awards

Superior Production Awards
  • Recognizes high production in a single lactation.
  • In order to qualify for Superior Production, an animal must complete a lactation record with a composite BCA (fat + protein) that is 160 points above the composite of the national breed average for that year (requires a composite BCA of 635 for 2019) and a composite deviation within herd (fat + protein) that is +40 points above herd average.
Super Awards
  • Recognizes high production over at least three consecutive lactations.
  • To qualify for a Super 3, an animal must complete three consecutive lactations that meet the requirements for Superior Production.
Longtime Production Awards
  • Recognizes high lifetime milk production.
  • An animal receives a Longtime Production award by producing over 60,000 kg of milk over her lifetime, and qualifies for a new award by surpassing each subsequent 20,000 kg level as follows:

Star Brood Cow Awards

  • To become a Star Brood Cow, a dam must have two progeny that contribute points.
  • Female progeny must earn at least one point for both production and type classification to contribute points to their dam's star brood total.
  • Male progeny contribute points through Superior Type, Superior Production and Class Extra.
  • Progeny with 75% purity or higher may contribute points to their dam's star brood. Only Canadian classifications are eligible on the type side, however lactation records achieved in another country may be included in lifetime production.

Awarding of Stars:

  • For every five (5) points a cow obtains by her progeny she is awarded one star.
  • Once the certificate is printed, the animal cannot lose the star brood award.
  • She is eligible for a new award when she qualifies for a higher number of stars.

Canadian Production Champions

Canadian Production Champions are animals recognized for their highest all-time production in an age category. Any lactation record that is completed within the calendar year that qualifies as the highest all-time BCA for milk, fat, protein or composite BCA in an age at calving category (from 1 to +10 years) will receive a Canadian Champion award.

The Canadian Champions will be awarded at the start of the year to recognize the new champions from the previous year. The awards will be produced on an award certificate and noted on official extended pedigrees or the Animal Inquiry section of Holstein Canada's web site.